Councilmember Phil Smith

About Councilmember Smith

Tehachapi has been my home for over 49 years. I have a deep appreciation for our rich history and culture and I believe it is our duty to preserve this heritage. I remember the one room school I attended in Keene while living in a large two story railroad home next to the Woodford Depot. When we moved here to the “City” in 1960 we lived in a railroad home located next to the old black water tower that has been transformed by volunteers of Main Street into one our most photographed landmarks. Our Depot is being restored by yet another dedicated group very passionate about our history and the Tehachapi Heritage League is eager to use this site to showcase our past with artifacts now on display in the present museum. Tehachapi’s volunteers and their organizations, and our art and theater groups are numerous and second to none and all make Tehachapi the quality place to live.

Phil Smilth

I know many people who have lived here much longer and some who have moved here only recently and they all share these same values and want to preserve these qualities that cannot be found in larger communities. The entire Greater Tehachapi community is becoming more and more involved, and there is room for anyone who wants to contribute their time and talents.

Our greatest challenge now is dealing with inevitable growth while maintaining our quality of life and we all have an opportunity and obligation to be involved in the planning process. The recent Interim Community Design Program Charrette Process demonstrated this City Council’s desire to have the community actively engaged in the planning of our future so we can ensure Tehachapi remains the small mountain town that we all cherish. I welcome all comments and suggestions and encourage participation in your City government.

Phil Smith has served continuously since his election in 1986 and his current term expires in November 2018.