About Tehachapi Municipal Airport

At an elevation of 4,001 feet, Tehachapi’s Municipal Airport is known as the corridor to northern and southern California.

Located south of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Tehachapi is an ideal spot to stop not only to fuel, but to enjoy an old-fashioned mountain town with good food and great prices.

A friendly place to rest your wings!

Draft Environmental Assessment 

Taxiway Relocation and Reconstruction and Drainage/Erosion Control Improvements

The cutoff date for comment submission is not later than 5:00 PM – Pacific Standard Time, November 26, 2018. Please allow enough time for mailing. All comments must be received by the deadline, not simply postmarked by that date.

Should you have any questions regarding the availability of this document, please call me at (661) 822-2200 ext. 133 or our EA consultant, Judi Krauss, Environmental Planner, Coffman Associates at (602) 993-6999

Hangar Use and Inspection Policy

The Tehachapi Municipal Airport will be establishing a hangar use and inspection policy per requirement from the FAA. All airport tenants are asked to review the policy and provide feedback prior to adoption by the Tehachapi City Council.

Public Comments Closed 

Tehachapi Municipal Airport Hangar Use Policy (PDF)

Draft Policy as of July 10, 2018

Tehachapi Municipal Airport Hangar Use Policy (PDF)

Have questions? Check out our Hangar Use Policy FAQs!

Hangar Use Policy FAQs (PDF)